Monocrystalline series

Monocrystalline Series

Salt Mist, Corrosion

Anti PID
Lower Degradation

1500 V PV modules for Large
String Size Saving BOS Cost

Higher Power Generation
Less installation space

Monocrystalline Series PV Modules are perfect for Large Scale Industrial and Commercial Solar Installations. Due to higher power generation, less space is required for the same capacity of solar installations. Much better string performance in NOCT & STC conditions.

Module Efficiency

  1. Module Power Range: 360-400 Wp
  2. Efficiency Up to 20.16%
  3. Power Tolerance: +4.95 Watt


  1. PID Resistant Salt
  2. Mist & Ammonia corrosion Resistant
  3. Design & Safety Qualified

Suitable For,

Ground Mounted Solar

Industrial solar

Commercial Solar