Monoperc Halfcut - Series

Monoperc Halfcut Series

Improved Performance Under All Circumstances

166MM MonoPERc Cell Latest Technology Excellent Performance

Split Junction Box

1500 V PV modules for Large String Size Saving BOS Cost

Lowered Cell Resistance 4 times
Less Resistive Loss

Split Cell Design
Lowered Heat Losses

Higher Bus Bars
Higher Current Carrying Capacity

Split Segment Design Better
Shading Tolerence

Module Efficiency

  • Module Power Range: 420-450 Wp
  • Efficiency Up to 20.71%
  • Power Tolerance: +4.95 Watt


  • PID Resistant
  • Salt Mist & Ammonia corrosion Resistant
  • Design & Safety Qualified
  • Monoperc Halfcut Series PV Modules are perfect for Large Scale Ground-mounted Installations. Due to lowered internal losses and higher power density, it saves BOS costs for Large Solar installations.

  • Exceptional performance in NOCT & STC conditions. Better shading tolerance and performance at low irradiation conditions make it the perfect choice for utility-scale solar Power Projects.

Suitable For,

Large Scale Industrial solar

Ground Mounted Solar