Rajdeep Solar provides Turn-Key Lump-sum EPC solutions for Power Project. We have in-house Project development team which has 27 years of expirience in Electrical Power field. We imply 100% real world scenario while planning & designing of project. We have been major player in Government electrical power sector, our procurement comes straight from manufacturer’s. Our unit Kathwada manufactures Industrial electricals which are widely used solar power projects.


Scalling the Project TImeline

  • Once the project is allocated, we streamline a planning session with client to match our project parameters with their Expectations.

  • Our efforts towards client’s designated expectation help us to get best possible course of action in project development

Deciding Course of Action

  • Our Detailed course of action is submitted to the Project Development team. Team, therefore, defines the timeline of Project Development and details are submitted.

  • A Dedicated Project team is then assigned to for the project with a clear plan of action to Develop the project within the committed Timeline.

Briefing the Client

  • We Present our Detailed analysis and planning for Project development to client. Once we get the approval from client we commence Site work with handover of all the technical documents and engineering drawings to our Project Teams.

  • This allows us to educate our client about our timeline for Project Development.

Procurement & Regulatory Requirements

  • After getting approval from client we initiate required government Lianising procedure for the Project. By the time we get the approvals for the project we procure and manufacture required material for project.

  • Once the Procurement has been done, we Appoint a dedicated Project Manager in Accordance with client.

  • Our Project Manager carry overs the tasks of Material delivery and Site work. Gives Weekly report to the client as well.

Site Installation & Commisioning

  • Our site work are always suprvised by A Dedicated Technical Person on Site. We make sure to avoid any accident or unwated delay in project work all time.

  • Our Erection staffs are highly trained Professional and do their best to complete Work in the given timeline.
  • After successful completion of Site Work and required government audit from respective Nodal Agencies, site supervisor produces work completion report.

  • While our dedicated Project Manager gives you Project Handover certificate with all the technical Details and parameters enclosed in it.